Is that fragile? Packing and Shipping two Antique Glass Horns of Plenty.

Glass Horn of Plenty.

Attached glass horn of plenty.

Second Horn of Plenty

Attached Glass Horn of Plenty

cable tie attachment

Cable tie attachment – front.


Cable tie attachment – back


foam surround of horn of plenty


foam surround stacked – horn of plenty


Box used for packing. Cut down side for wood placement.


Wood cut to size and ready for gluing to box


Wood glued to bottom of box.


Wood glued to inside of box and pattern drawn for holes for cable ties.


Finished box with opening instructions. To be double boxed.

These were two beautiful antique glass horns of plenty.  Hand painted, they were delicately attached to a base of varnished wood.   Please note the progression of packing shows how wood was used to reinforce the base, and then attachment of the the horn to the base with cable ties.  Further packing included softcell foam surround, boxing, instructions,  and ultimately double boxing.  We specialize in packaging, crating and shipping fragile, high value, unique and antique and art related items.   If you don’t wish to try this yourself.  Give us a call at The Mail Center.


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