Crating, Packing and Shipping a Flying Goose!

Several months ago a customer of the Mail Center asked me if we could ship some taxidermy for him.   Now normally that usually means something small like a deer head or some antlers, or even a squirrel or fish.  So when he said he had a goose, naturally I figured it was something small and easy to pack.  Turns out this goose was in full wing span (just under 6 feet and mounted with metal feet on a piece of driftwood.  Check out the pictures below on our packing and crating job.  The customer advised it got to Long Island New York in fine shape.  See more pictures of the flying goose in our packing and crating gallery.  Thanks for looking!

Snow Goose

Snow Goose on driftwood.

Empty Goose Crate

Snow Goose Empty Crate.


Goose attached to crate

Snow Goose attached to base in crate.

Goose in Crate

Snow Goose attached to crate.

Goose in Crate wrapped

Snow Goose wrapped with plastic in crate.

Goose Crate finished with top brace

Snow Goose with cross brace to prevent crate flex in transit.


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