The Glass Menagerie or How to Pack and Crate a Fragile Glass Bead Chandelier

This Chandelier was sold through Palladio, our local antique mall on Central Ave.   You  can visit them at  They had a customer who needed it crated, packed and shipped to a customer north of the Mason-Dixon line.  We set about to create a crate that would not allow movement in the chandelier.   This is a bit tricky in that this chandelier is collapsible, so it must remain stretched out so as not to hit the sides of the crate and damage the glass beads.

Chandelier in Crate hanging from cross member.

Chandelier in Crate hanging from cross member.

The following pictures show the chandelier attached at the bottom and top. The top is attached with an eyelet screw, and the wiring is turned in and wrapped so as not to hit the glass crystals. The bottom is attached with cable ties in several places, so as to allow minor motion, but not enough to cause damage.

Chandelier attached at bottom with cable ties to eyelet screws.

Chandelier attached at top with wrap.


Chandelier attached at top of crate with screws and bubble wrap.

The final product before finishing the crate. Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Chandelier crated with limited movement.

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